Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Her name is; LOLA

Riley got one. William got one. I REALLY wanted one for a while now and then, to both Russell and my surprise, we casually spoke about it the other day and decided...we'll get one.

We fetched the little bundle of fluff yesterday. She is 6 weeks old and has the most beautiful eyes. Russell named her Lola.
Although my poor husband is allergic to cats, he also has the most amazing way with them I've ever seen. (and horses for that matter) His presence and interaction with them causes instant calmness, (purring and falling asleep in Lola's case) and complete surrender. It is truly beautiful to behold.
I call him the cat whisperer. :)
We are not allowing Lola into our bedroom at the moment. We are trusting that, like to the New Zealand pollen, his allergies will adjust to her soon.
So here is a blog post dedicated to our new kitten, Lola.

Lola is a charming, very brave, content and adventurous kitten. She does many things like:




Doing yoga

Day dreaming...

More yoga...


More cuddling...

More sleeping...

And more...

 And of course, lots of playing!