Sunday, 1 January 2012

time warp..

I just realised that our blog still uses South African time. It is now the afternoon of the first day of January, 2012 here in New Zealand and yet our blog site uses South African day behind. Must be because we created it in SA. If anyone knows how to change it, please let us know!

A Quote I found in a book I'm currently reading:

All man's honours to man are small beside the greatest prize 
to which he may and must aspire- the finding of his soul, his spirit, his 
divine strength and worth- the knowledge that he 
can and must live in freedom and dignity- the final realisation
that life is not a daily dying, not a pointless end, 
not an ashes-to-ashes and dust-to-dust, 
but a soaring and blinding gift snatched from eternity.

- The Prize, Irving Wallace, 1964

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