Monday, 16 January 2012

An excursion into the land

So, just a quick one. Yesterday we went out to Makara and Oharui valley, a semi-rural area just over the hill to the north-west of Wellington city, about 20 minutes away. Makara is where the wind farm is (seen in the distance on one of the previous posts) and yesterday we found out why. It was a really windy day yesterday anyway, but we went to Makara beach and caught a taste of some real wind. It was pretty awesome. We were being whipped by sea-spray and lashed by sand and so didn't stick around too long, although there was a family who was getting ready for a hike in that craziness; mmm.

Oharui valley and the area around it is a beautiful place consisting of mostly what are called 'lifestyle' properties (basically a house on a plot of arable land), but there were also larger, working farms, mostly cattle and sheep farms. We drove around checking them and the animals out. There were some plots for sale, some of them really quite nice. Unfortunately the camera's battery died before we got to the really awesome spots. What I really like about this area is that it's really close to the city, about half an hour or so and yet it feels like you're in the country. This is pretty much what we had in mind for our piece of land - something to consider.  :-)

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  1. Oh gosh, y'all, that looks perfect! Wow.

    We miss you both bunches.

    LOVE, us