Friday, 28 October 2011

Of horses and mules

The round bail of hay in the Dexter cow pasture
 Russell and I have been cleaning and spraying the horses hooves with bleach water every day for the past four weeks as they had developed an infection. The infection seems to have cleared up beautifully! We put them in the back pasture with the Dexter cows and they seem to really enjoy the new roaming grounds!

Nifty; the 25 year old working horse

Buddy; he is Nifty's brother and is 24 years old

May; the most curious mule I have ever met. She is really like a big dog. Highly intelligent with a compulsion to investigate EVERYTHING!

We dewormed the horses today


Like I said...a compulsive need to investigate everything!!

Buddy absolutely loves Russell...

Dexter bulls are apparently renowned for their lovely temperament. This magnificent bull has the hairstyle of a surfer and is a very gentle giant. We still remain constantly vigilant and aware of him when in this pasture however, as a bull will always be a bull!

Dexters are very hardy cattle and very gentle natured

I periodically have my pockets scrutinized for possible treats...

Autumn is upon us...

Allan stoking the wood fire that keeps the house warm

Russell made this simple hook rack for the bathroom towels. The hooks were made in the blacksmithing workshop here on the farm.

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