Thursday, 27 October 2011

End of October

October seems to be a very busy month on Woodcrest farm. First we had the student barn party, which was a huge success! Then came the Gala evening where Erin, the goddess of culinary delights and a good friend of the farm absolutely enthralled our tastebuds with a fall menu. Most of the ingredients she used were from either Woodrest farm, or other. local suppliers. We shared a seven course meal with other couples and it was really a very memorable evening and a successful fundraiser for the farm. I regret that at that stage our camera was completely broken and I could not capture those moments.
This weekend, Woodcrest is going to be a birthing-center-woman-get-together venue.
We expect a lot of children to arrive for the event too.

Now the latest wonder that has occured, is that our fairy-god-mother, Mari, has sent us a brand new camera form Singapore. We are eternally grateful and have decided that she qualifies for the title of "Saint Mari".

The following photographs were taken by me today, trying out our newest asset.

Elsje's homemade granola

Surprise and I have started a ritual in the mornings. I milk the new Alpine goat, Corona (which goes rather quickly as she has only about two cups of milk!) and then he and I patiently snuggle in the sunlight while she finishes her food. (And believe me, she does take her time!) It is a wonderfully quiet time of the day and one of my favourites.

It is that time of year...the men have fiercely been chopping wood in preparation for the cold winter months

Jerry cutting the big logs with power tools

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