Monday, 12 March 2012

A homage to my homeland

Sorting through our travel photos yesterday, I came across some never-before-published pictures from our Orange-river trip in Namibia. We did the trip with my mum and brother. It was a truly magical family experience. 
Although I think that some of these pictures are simply magnificent, they do not come close to capturing the true splendor and vastness of the land in Namibia. This was July 2011. Enjoy!



  1. We miss you guys. We miss y'all. We miss you both a lot. xoxo

  2. We miss you guys too!! Vet-Joes just aren't the same without you... :) xxxx

  3. Wow! :D all the pictures are pretty, but I think i like the very last one the best :)

    1. I agree Ri...the last one is of the Fish river canyon...ancient and spectacular, it definitely takes the cake. :)