Thursday, 21 July 2011

Stage 2: Peru, Lima

After a 20 hour journey, we finally arrived in Lima at midnight. This gigantic city of 9 million people has a little gem of a B&B...Hostal El Patio. We got a taxi to Miraflores and it was fascinating to observe the taxi driver's decorations dangling from the rear view mirror and parading on his dashboard! A strange collection of golden Inkan gods statuettes in between pictures of the mother Mary, a golden cross, two dangly headed bulldogs and a very bored looking Winnie the Poo stared at us all the way to our spot.

Russell and I were exhausted! Our room at El Patio is plain and simple, clean, and has a comfortable bed and en-suite bathroom. The atmosphere here is lovely; there are plants, flowers and birds everywhere and the people are very friendly.

Hostal El Patio; view from our room

Our first day of exploring the city was magnificent! We walked to the coastline and said hello to the Pacific ocean. We went for lunch at a wonderful little vegetarian restaurant.
The architecture here is fascinating! Some really ugly, old high risers but with these beautiful Spanish homes in between, complete with arches and ivy.

The well-worn Tsunami emergency exit...some of the stairs are on dodgy wooden platforms and coming down one of these I slipped and had a nasty fall! Hurt my elbow and hip, but thanks to hard core Namibian water, nothing is broken!

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  1. waouh! this seems to be a fantastic adventure!
    enjoy it!
    lots of love!
    Missing you guys!