Friday, 5 July 2013

Young master Harry

 Harry is here...

It has now been five days since our beautiful son's birth. We are absolutely smitten. Russ managed to take the week off work and I am endlessly grateful to him and my mother for their support, help and love.

Having a home birth has been one of the singularly most important events of my life and is one that I am proudest of. It was a long back labour, as Harry was lying posterior and was extremely exhausting and difficult. But after 27 hours I could feel his head moving down and it gave me such an immense boost of energy that the final part felt easier than the labour itself and more exhilarating than anything I have ever experienced.
Russell and my mother gave me firm acupressure on my lower back throughout labour, and in combination with the warm water of the birth pool was immensely effective pain relief. I also swear by Rescue Remedy and Arnica, as they did wonders during the times my body was shaking with exhaustion and shock. An angel friend of mine who is an osteopath happened to come around that day and gave me a spontaneous treatment which I am convinced helped a lot.

And then, in a whirl of fluid and exclamations, Harry spun out into the world and was caught by his father. We had instant skin-on-skin contact and he looked at the world around him calmly with an alertness I didn't think possible in a newborn.

Here is a photo story of the labour and birth, as well as some pics of Harry. Hope you enjoy!

30/06 Labour started that afternoon.

30/06 setting up the pool

1/07 Last few hours of labour

Acupressure for pain relief


Welcome Harry...

Proud Ouma

First 3 days...

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