Friday, 2 December 2011

Goodbye America

Russell and I are currently sitting at Charlotte airport at a strange race-car/wwf restaurant. Russell has ordered a hamburger that wasn’t too dreadful looking.
I on the other hand, am armed (thanks to the genius of our friend Katherine) with a dozen tea bags I’m smuggling in my pockets and slowly sipping with hot water in the various atrocious airport/airplane spaces that we need to make our way through to get to our final destination.  Ah yes…New Zealand. Land of hobbits, elves and sorcerers.
While having a mini panic attack last night, Russell reminded me that this is it; we have dreamed this into being. We are truly creating our own reality and stepping into a dream that we have put a lot of energy, time and resources into to make it real. 
This is the thing that keeps me moving forward with glittering eyes, even though I have not yet received a job offer, Russell is not enrolled at varsity yet and we do not as yet have our own place to stay. But these things we know will fall in place in the spirit of our strong collective intent. Possibilities here we come!!
I have found that this journey has demanded a lot of genuine courage. Whenever either one of us wavers a bit and feels overwhelmed, the other one is there to remind us of our goal and our vision. I am eternally grateful for that.

Our last few days in the states were spent with a beautiful family who let us share their space. The Williams have become wonderful friends and we are very grateful to them for having made our last few days in the states a rich, warm, peaceful and moving experience.

Here follows some pictures of our last few days with them. 

A walk on a frosty day:

Riley and Henry climbing an awesome magnolia tree

Now THAT's what I'm talking about!!

Riley being brave...that water was cold

Spot the Riley? (Ah ha! I got you!)
 Russell and I made Vetkoeke one night. We decided to mix a very American meal, Sloppy Joe, with a very South African dish.
The result; (an this was Henry's idea)       Vet-Joes

On our last night, we had a chocolate fondue and root beer floats. Decadence overload!

 Riley's inventions:

                                                               Henry caught in the act.

A chocolate coma?

 Could it be that Riley is the victorious chocolate queen?!

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  1. Well, yes I do feel myself a queen XP and HEY! I DID"NT THINK YOU GOT A PICTURE OF ME WHEN I WAS HIDING. ^O^