Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas in New Zealand

Our first Christmas in Wellington.
We spent a very special evening with Cristina, Leo and Angelina.

Russell and I found a free-range and ethically farmed turkey that we stuffed with dried fruit and herbs and roasted for 5 hours. It was delicious!
Cristina really made an effort to “Christmas-a-fy” her living room and we all felt very content amongst candles, Christmas lights, throws and pillows.

Russell and Leo pushing in the garden 

The Christmas cooks

 Leo and the turkey...

 A feast if ever there was one!

 Poor Angelina had a nasty fall off a trampoline on Christmas morning, but this did not dampen her spirit in the least.

 Ah yes... "Bluey", the inflatable whale. He of course had to blown up there and then, and so, was passed around the room leaving everyone a bit out of breath!

 Leo made this jewelery box for Cristina himself. Isn't it beautiful?!

"Bluey" is now a whale. Angelina and I thought we'll give him a try...

We ended the evening with an engaging game of 30 seconds which Leo brought us all the way from South Africa. Such fun. Just look at our friend Cristina's Italian-description hand below... It is true that Italians can't speak without their hands...
I love it!

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