Tuesday, 28 May 2013


About two to four weeks left to go before the newest little Fowler arrives. His head has moved down my pelvis and according to my lovely midwife, he is down up to his ears. His body is curling along my side so I've been instructed to walk on all fours as often as I possibly can to turn that little body around.
With the baby moving down in the last few weeks, one experiences what is termed a "lightening"...suddenly I can breathe easier again and walking doesn't leave me half as puffed as it did a few weeks before! Lovely sensation...besides the fact that the average loo-visitation has doubled in regularity :/
Walking on the beach last week, the tide came in incredibly quickly and Russell and I had to make a run for it or get completely soaked! I haven't had a run in AGES and ended up having a contraction right there on the beach! Poor baby was probably very confused with all the commotion :)
After some Arnica drops I was as right as rain again.
We figured we better get everything ready just in case he comes earlier than planned.
This is what I have in preparation for our home-birth: (I apologise if this is too much information for some readers, but I just found it fascinating how much I didn't even think about before considering a homebirth!)

1. Two birthing mats
2. A biodegradable placenta box to bury placenta in
3. Homeopathic drops to help with common conditions during and after labour
4. A birth pool (which Russ so gallantly tried out this weekend)
5. A puke bucket with a lid (Apparently you can't get away without one!)
6. Loads of maternity pads
7. Ice packs
8. Ice to suck on
9. Cheap shower curtains and old sheets to place on the carpet (to avoid messes)
10. Rubbish bags
11. Loads of towels
12. Snacks and juices
13. Lovely music
14. A bowl to catch placenta in
15. A Swiss ball
16. Hot water bottle
17. A written out birth plan
(Our midwife is bringing sterilized scissors, a clamp for the cut cord etc)

If anyone has any other ideas of what might come in handy, please let me know! :)

Here are some pictures of Russ trying out our birth pool. It takes about 20 minutes to set up and I can imagine another 20 to fill up...should have plenty of time though, once labour starts.


  1. It is not possible to talk too much about anything related to birth! :o)

    After the baby arrives you might be very happy to have a few frozen maxi pads. Here is a good recipe:

    At a party last night I met a woman from Namibia. She was so happy to hear of y'all passing through NC. I told her about Henno Martin.

    I'm so excited for the Fowler family. We are thinking of y'all everyday. Sending love and this advice for labor: Resist Nothing.

    xoxoxoxoxo <3

  2. Really awesome hints and advice...thank you so much K! xxx

    I'm so excited for you!
    I cannot wait to meet little nephew face.
    I think you've thought of everything!
    lots of love