Sunday, 7 October 2012

Of Spring blossoms and gardening

It has literally been ages since I last blogged. It has been a crazy (and I mean, CRAZY) couple of months.
I am currently sitting on the kitchen floor with my back baking in the sun and with the smell of roasting cinnamon pumpkin streaming from our oven. I am making a pumpkin and feta quiche tonight for a pot luck dinner at one of our fellow meditator's home.

Russ and I have been through a lot of ups and downs these last few months trying to figure out what is happening next year and how to proceed with the plans we arrived in NZ with. The truth is ( a hard lesson we had to learn through experience) that one's plans can change drastically overnight, without so much as a hoot of warning. We have had so many different ideas as to what we wanted to happen this year and next, where and how we wanted to live and nothing turned out quite as we expected.
A bit difficult to digest if one had put a lot of expectation into things.
However, on the flip side, both of us feel that this year had been one ginourmous learning curve. We have definitely "grown up" very quickly due to necessity and surviving here through our first year.

I think the biggest lesson however, has been one of patience. My goodness do I have a little of that! Wanting things to happen immediately, fighting desperately against the flow of things to get where I want to be etc.
Almost a year later, I am finally coming to the conclusion (a bit begrudgingly) that absolutely NOTHING happens fast here in NZ, or in life in general. You need to keep your dreams  alive and take baby steps towards them without losing sight of your values and what is important to you. Geez. OK! I get it now!

On a lighter note, we have gotten ourselves a wee plot of land in the community gardens down the road from us. We have spent the last few weekends clearing the plot, making beds and raking wood chips over the soil. Next weekend we'll be ready to start planting our veggies!
We also wanted to keep two chickens in their chicken pen (One can then collect eggs once a week) but decided that although the chooks are free-range, we don't feel that they have enough space for the number of them living there. It just wouldn't feel right adding new members.

Below are some pictures of our efforts as well as proof that Spring is fully here...The blossoming tree in our backyard. :)

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