Friday, 5 August 2011

Inka trail

Wow! Russell and I just finished the 4 day Inka trail hike. We are EXHAUSTED! I must say, it is quite a challenging hike, due to the massive mountains one climbs, but also because we are not used to breathing air with such little oxygen. Some parts of the hike we made through sheer will-power! You have to say: "come on legs! Work with me here!" as muscles seem to go to sleep in such high altitudes.

It was absolutely worth all that pain and effort though. We experienced something extremely beautiful and very very special. I couldn't help but feel that this particular path is very sacred...especially around the third and fourth day. One travels over mountain passes that lends views that takes your breath away. On the third day you walk on a pass high above the outer reaches of the Amazon forest. And I suppose the Amazon can never fail to impress!! Photos can never do it justice, but here goes anyway...

This is our group of 8. Besides us, everyone were American! A lovely bunch of people...we really enjoyed them!

This is us after having survived "dead woman's pass".. an absolute killer. I cried when I reached the top out of sheer relief! It was icy up there.


Sayaqmarka ruins


Winaywayna ruins

Ah yes...back in civilization. Sore legs, sore everything in fact, but deeply happy!

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